custom cakes in edmonton
We offer custom wedding and party cakes - exactly how you want it! All cakes are 100% edible!!  Our Master Chef assures you that our cakes will also taste better - as our ingredients are fresh, organic, and natural!

Here are just a few examples of our custom-designed cakes:
See our wedding cakes...

Custom party cakes in EdmontonStar Wars.

Remember - these cakes are 100% edible!

Prices start at only $300, and go to $900. Compare to $1,400 at local stores!

See out sizing chart below.

To book, or ask questions, or order your custom cake, phone 780-942-2793, or

Custom-baked cakes

Custom wedding cake in Edmonton  Custom -baked cake in Edmonton

Custom party cake in Edmonton  Custom party cake, Edmonton 

Custom wedding cakes in Edmonton  Custom wedding cake in Edmonton
Custom cakes in Edmonton

Custom wedding cake, Edmonton  Custom baked cake, Edmonton

Custom baked wedding cakes us, or phone direct: 780-942-2793

See our custom, 100% edible wedding cakes here.

Here is a serving chart:

Custom cakes, Edmonton

To provide an accurate quote on your custom cake, we need to know these 3 details:
    1. The date. When do you need this cake?
    2. How many people are we baking this cake for?
    3. What is the theme (or choice on this page) that you want your cake to tbe?  You may send us a photo of your desired object (a car, or a guitar, for example), and we will bake the cake mirroring that item!

Some examples of our wedding cakes:

custom wedding cake in Edmonton custom party cake in Edmonton

custom wedding cake, Edmonton custom party cake, Edmonton

custom cakes in Edmonton custom cakes in Edmonton

Phone us (780-942-2793) or e-mail us today!

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Custom cakes Custom baked cakes

Or phone direct: 780-942-2793

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