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View or Download the song list** of what we carry at all times. (We carry much more overall, as we don't keep this list updated)

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 Sound Clips:

Theses are very short samples of LIVE performances by MC Squared™ (Canada only) - kept short because of download time. Also keep in mind, these songs are not computer-enhanced, re-mixed or retouched in any way - even MC Squared's intonation is off, as he is jumping off the stage and jumping on ONE LEG while playing the fast songs. Also, now he uses an Ovation Acoustic/Electric Guitar, so his performance is far enhanced from what you hear here...

Fast songs
Wedding/Jazz songs

"Great Balls of Fire" - with Alto Sax (and fire)

"Processional March" - with Soprano Sax

"Bad To The Bone" - with Guitar and Also Sax

"The Wedding Song" - with Soprano Sax

"Breezin'" - with Flute and Guitar


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