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Impersonators and Singing Telegrams

We provide Impersonators of all kinds - all over Canada!
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Impersonators, Edmonton

President Clinton, Donald Trump!
We also have a "trio" gag - Clinton, Trump, and Bimbo!
(Photos coming soon)

In Edmonton, Alberta:

Elvis Impersonators and Singing Telegrams! Including "The Edmonton Elvis" or "Terminater"! We also provided "Elvis on ice" - the skating, Guitar-playing Elvis!
Thanku vurymusch... See more here!  For Santa, click here.

Elvis Impersonator

Singing telegram in Edmonton
Elvis Singing Telegram Elvis impersonator in Edmonton and Calgary

Singing Telegram, Edmonton

In Edmonton, AB:
Marilyn Monroe:
Marilyn Monroe in Edmonton, Singing telegram

"Diamonds Are A Girl's Best friend", "Happy Burthday, Mr . President" and much more!
Nerd-o-gram in Edmonton:

Nerd Gram in Edmonton, Singing telegram
Also available ON SKATES - he's the skating Nerd, or the Hockey Nerd!
We also have "Elvis on ice"!

The "Terminator":

TNhe Terminator in Edmonton, Arnold Swarzenneger

"If you do not hire me, I'll be back."

Our Terminator sounds like the real thing, and will make your office roar with laughter - great for birthdays!

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Impersonator in Edmonton  Michael Jackson telegram in Edmonton

The King of Pop, MJ! Phone us today for your next birthday:

Singing telegram, Edmonton
Katy Perry:

Katy Perry Singing Telegram and impersonator in Edmonton
Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift Singing Telegram in Edmonton
Dolly Parton:

Dolly Parton impersonator in Edmonton, Singing telegram

Complete with Southern Belle accent,
she sings all the hits from
"Islands In The Stream" to "9 To 5"!
Generic telegrams:

We also provide a generic (ordinary, fun-clothed) boy or girl (as you instruct) to sing "Happy Birthday" for a basic cost - usually $75. Balloons or cake extra cost.

Phone 780-942-2793 to book! Same-day bookings welcome!

Calgary impersonators
Tom Jones in Edmonton:

Tom Jones Impersonator, Edmonton

Complete with Welsh accent!

John Wayne in Edmonton:

John Wayne Impersonator, Edmonton

Well, I'll tell 'ya, Pilgrim ... he's The Duke - complete with hesitation & drawl. Wah-huh.

He'll come an' make yer .... .... party a scream.

e-mail us about prices!

Arnold Swartzenegger:

Arnold Swarzenegger impersonator in Edmonton

Has the accent, and persona.

"You betta HIRE ME, girly-man. If you do NOT, I'll be back."

Superman in Edmonton

Ask about our skating Elvis, Nerd, Santa and Superman. They can add a great addition to your Hockey/skating party!
Elton John:

Elton John Impersonator in Edmonton

And he really plays Piano (if you have one on-site)!

Available as a "telegram", solo act with background music, or full-scale show!

Note: Photo is old - he now wears a white top-hat, and brings a wooden cane. Complete with British accent.


Lumberjack in Edmonton

Carries dulled axe and chainless chain saw. Can use "Newfie", "Southern" or "Blue Collar accent.
Patsy Cline or Dolly Parton:

Dolly Parton in Edmonton, Singing telegram

As mentioned above, Dolly will sing the "9-5" and other hits.

Patsy Cline can perform up to a 1-hour show - complete with sound system.
Tarzan - from the Tar Sands
(also available as "Guitarzan")

Tarzan in Edmonton

"Me TARZAN; you OILY." A mockery on Americans (instead of "Oil" Sands), a TARZAN - with oil (not real oil, don't worry!) splotches on him. We have our optional, popular "guitar-playing Guitarzan", or a "club" for "Cave Man".

With a Southern American or Tarzan accent, he will give a funny presentation and pose for photos. GREAT for the Alberta oil company office, or even birthdays at homes. Guitarzan will sing the famous song! Also consider the "Terminator"!

Indiana Jones:

Indiana Jones Impersonator in Edmonton

He even "climbs" over your cubicle (if desired) and cracks his wip.

Also available as a Lumberjack - complete with chain saw (sans chain for safety) and [dull] axe. Uses real "twangy Southern accent".

Elsa, Anna, Edmonton Elsa & Anna, also Hawaiian Hula dancer:

For an excellent addition to any birthday party, choose our Elsa and/or Anna package!

We also perform Dorothy (from Wizard of Oz - WITH REAL DOG!)  Eskimo Girl - WITH REAL DOG,  Wicked (or Good) Witch, Alice in Wonderland, Rapunzel, Blondie, Dorothy Gale, Mermaid, Maria from the Sound of Music, Sandy from Grease, Princess Leia, Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Leprichan, Katy Perry, Nerd, Marilyn Monroe, Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Ellie Goulding, Lady Gaga, Hilary Duff, Duffy. Cow ("Country") girl, Pirate.

e-Mail us for pricing and availability for singing telegram, Edmonton.
Hula Hawaiian dancer, Edmonton

Singing Telegrams, Edmonton us about your next event!

Singing Telegram, Edmonton

In Calgary, AB:
Elvis Presley:
Elvis Presley in Calgary, Singing telegram
Marilyn Monroe:
Marilyn Monroe in Calgary, Singing telegram

Shania Twain:

Shania Twain Impersonator in Calgary

We also have Greg - providing:
  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Austin Powers
  • the Mad Hatter
  • Ironman
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Gorilla
  • Zombie
  • Nerd
  • Mobster/Hitman
e-Mail us for prices!
Hula girl:
Hula girl in Calgary
Generic telegrams:

We also provide a generic (ordinary, fun-clothed) boy or girl (as you instruct) to sing "Happy Birthday" for a basic cost - usually $75.

Phone 780-942-2793 to book! Same-day bookings welcome! Singing telegram, Calgary.

Hawaiian dancer, Calgary

For singing telegrams in Vancouver, we have Marilyn monroe, Shania Twain, Madonna and more. We also have Marilyn Monroe Singing Telegram and Impersonator in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto and Ottawa, as well as Madonna, Katy Perry, Hawaiian Hula girl, Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, and Shaniah Twain. And don't forget: Santa Claus (and Mrs Claus. Elves, too!)
Marilyn Monroe Singing Telegram and Impersonator in Edmonton Hula girl Singing Telegram Beetlejuice Impersonator in Edmonton

Madonna Singing Telegram Shaniah Twain Singing Telegram and Impersonator Marilyn Monroe gram Elton John impersonator
Phone 1-888-797-6729 for a singing telegram, Vancouver.

In Edmonton, we provide:
In Toronto:
In Vancouver:

Also see our Santa, as well as our Leprechaun, Elsa and Anna, and Hula girl!

Santa and Mrs Claus in Edmonton, Calgary

Impersonators in Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary us for availability for your next event!

Impersonators, Edmonton

We also have hilarious phone-o-grams (for any city!):

Pull a gag on a colleague or family member with our hilarious phone-o-grams! Prices start at just $30. If we don't have one of your preferred gags listed, phone us - we'll put you through to our Impersonators, and you can "audition" them - maybe they *can* do your preferred Celebrity well enough.

Impersonators in Edmonton us about your next event!

Impersonator in Edmonton

In Toronto, Ontario:

Avril Lavigne Impersonator
Avril Lavigne

Shaniah Twain Impersonator
Shaniah Twain
Christine Aguilera Impersonator
Christine Aguilera
Jimmi Hendrix impersonator
Jimmi Hendrix

Edmonton, Singing Telegram us about your next event!

Calgary singing telegram

And many, many more - all across Canada, and also the USA!

Edmonton Singing Telegrams

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