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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe in Edmonton

We provide Marilyn Monroe Impersonators and singing telegrams in Edmonton, Alberta! Featuring our professional singing, sound-alike "Marilyn Monroe"!

e-mail us - or phone 780-942-2793

All appearances are family-friendly, but for those retirement parties or corporate birthdays - she will flirt, sit on his lap and peck his cheek - and tell fun jokes and innuendos!

We also provide Marilyn Monroe impersonators all across Canada!

Rates are generally from $75 [basic] to $300 [premium], depending on the date and time. With the "premium" Marilyn Monroe, we customize the songs for your event, and it makes the telegram very comical. Everybody has a blast!

Price for 1 hour meet & greet is $450 and up.  We provide full band stage shows with Elvis and Marilyn for $1,900 up to $4,000. e-mail us today for availability for your event! Or phone 780-942-2793.

Edmonton Marilyn Monroe

Ask about our combo package with Elvis Prestley!

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Marilyn Monroe in Alberta

Marilyn Monroe Singing Telegram, Edmonton

e-mail us - or phone 780-942-2793

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