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Music recording

Whether you are the biggest record company in Los Angeles or Nashvile, or if you are a hobbyist home studio, we are your answer for final mixes! Simple send your tracks to us to our secure server, and we'll mix them for your final mix. (We then delete your music)

We charge $250 for home studio mixes, and only $2,500 for large, commercial mixes. (the commercial mixes take 10x longer, hence the price) - it's that simple.

This month's special: HALF-PRICE!!!

Visit for more information. Also, see our professional studio microphones!

"Finest mix gearantee": send your mix to all mix-down people you know, or are on the Internet - if ours isn't better, we'll give you a refund! We're that confident!

e-mail us for more information, or phone 780-942-2793

Studio recording

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