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Whether you are the biggest record company in Los Angeles or Nashvile, or if you are a hobbyist home studio, we are your answer for final mixes! Simple send your tracks to us, and we'll mix them for your final mix.

We charge $200 for home studio mixes, and $2,000 for large, commercial mixes. (the commercial mixes take 10x longer, hence the price) - it's that simple.

New Year's special: HALF-PRICE!!!

Visit puresoundmixing.com for more information. Also, see our professional studio microphones!

"Finest mix gearantee": send your mix to all mix-down people you know, or are on the Internet - if ours isn't better, we'll give you a refund! We're that confident!

e-mail us for more information, or phone 1-888-797-6729

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