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Family entertainment serving Edmonton, Calgary,
Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg... and much more!

Santa Claus in Edmonton and Calgary

Balloonists and Face Painters

For inquiries or booking, phone 780-942-2793, or
text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.

Edmonton balloonists

Balloonists and face painters for any occasion!

We provide balloonists and face painters nationwide. e-mail us for availability and pricing for your next event!

Balloonists in Calgary

We provide balloonists and face painters in:
For inquiries or booking, phone 780-942-2793, or
text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.

Calgary balloonists

Face Painting, Airbrush Face & Body Paintin

e-mail us for quotes and availability today!

NOTE:  There are 2 kinds of paints:
- The cheap painters use the paints from China (very cheap, but the paintst cause faces to break out)
- The German paints we use - they are hypo-allergenic, and stay on longer.  It's actually in the "cosmetic" category ...  it's actually *good* for your face.  But it's very expensive.

Many cheap painters use the cheap paint - and they don't care if anyone breaks out - you can't prove it.  That's "sociopath", and we won't have that.  We care and only use the good paint.

Edmonton balloonists

 Looking for a Face painter in Edmonton, Alberta?

Featured this month:

At only $150 (normally $225 - $250) per hour, Erin performs very high-end paints!

Edmonton face painter

Face painting, Edmonton

Aside from this sample, see many more samples of her work:

Then book her here!

Glitter tattoos:

Special for $60 per hour!

Just "regular" balloons:

Edmonton face painting

Face painters in Edmonton

For face painters artists in Edmonton, AB, contact us today!

e-mail us for your next event!

Featuring face painting for any age; any style and most any art! Here's a Teacher having her face painted at one of our events...

Edmonton face painting

Body Painting by Ronda - shown here painting "Avitar" for a woman:

Edmonton face painter

Edmonton face painters

Just "regular" balloons:

Face painters in Edmonton

Edmonton balloonists Our balloonists will make the best balloon animals for your children.

e-mail us today for availability!

Balloonists in Toronto

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For inquiries or booking, phone 780-942-2793, or
text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.

Canada balloonists

NOTE: due to a rash of last-minute cancelations, we require a non-refundible deposit.
We do not accept "promises": "We're good for it - we'll pay you after."
98.3%  do  cancel, since they had nothing to loose.  We are sorry to have to implement this with all entertainment.

Note about Corona effects on availability:
Our products or what we offer may change in availability. Corona has made many of our entertainers
stop performing, get day jobs, move away, and/or raise prices.
Our hearts go out to those who have died from the vaccine.
Again, deposits are not refundable - even if due to a Corona cancelation.

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