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Family entertainment serving Edmonton, Calgary,
Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg... and much more!

Santa Claus in Edmonton and Calgary

Face painting and balloons

We provide Balloonists, Face painters and Clowns nationwide - throughout Canada!
Child-friendly Clowns in EdmontonWe provide child-friendly Clowns - who perform face painting and/or balloons. They can perform both skills on up to ~13 children each hour, or one skill on ~25-30 children per hour.

Prices start at $125 per hour, so don't delay - e-mail us today! Or text 587-794-1223.

We also provide bubble shows, Elvis and Nerd-o-grams, Mariachi bands, and a host of family entertainment!

Canadian ClownsLooking for a Clown in Alberta, Canada - or a Canadian Clown in general? We've got them!

  • Toronto
  • Victoria
  • Edmonton
  • Lloydminster (Islay, Vermilion)
  • Calgary
  • Vancouver
  • Winnipeg
  • Ottawa
  • GTA
  • West (Alberta/BC/Manitoba)
  • East Coast/Maritimes (New Brunswick/Nova Scotia/Ontario)

Even Grande Prarie, Fort McMurray and surrounding smaller cities - phone us about your preferred Clown today!

Sprinkles the Clown in Lloydminster:

Sprinkles the Clown Clown in Lloydminster

Prices start at $150. Skills can include magic, balloons, ventriloquism. Performs Church shows, too!

In Vancouver, BC, Canada - featuring...

Clowns in VancouverMrs Piccaso!

Offering the best in face painting, she also provides glitter tattoos and balloons. She is not only a Clown, but is also a true Artist! She will entertin the children with so much fun!

Vancouver clowns and face paintersLooking for a Clown in Vancouver? Ours perform balloon-twisting, face painting, and all kinds of other skills! We have Mrs. Picasso - the popular Balloonist!

Don't delay - e-mail us today!

We also provide bubble shows in Vancouver and on Victoria Island!

Also in Vancouver –

Vancouver face painters annd balloonistsBalloonia

Do you want balloons? Well, you've got 'em! Balloons everywhere ... and not simply that, but so much more!

Her prices are very reasonable, so phone us today about your special event!

text 587-794-1223 or e-mail us!

In Vancouver, BC –

Fare painters, balloonists, andnt clowns in VancouverBertoit

Looking for Dora the Explorer in Vancouver, BC? We have someone even better- Bertoit! He is a funny looking jungle explorer. He is always on the look out for hidden treasures and adventure! He carries with him his adventure pack filled with magical goodies!

Besides being funny and amusing, he has many tricks up his sleeve. His current adventure begins with him telling a story of how the King of the Land had his golden hanky stolen from him by a Troll. With the help of many volunteer guides, Bertolt sets out to find the Troll and the stolen hanky! Included in Bertolt's adventure:

  • a magically disappearing hanky
  • a secret map that tells the whereabouts of the hidden hanky
  • a beanstalk magically growing out of his mouth!
  • Tightrope walking across a huge chasm! (actually two chairs far apart)

Lots of hilarious interaction with his volunteer guides as they:

  • help him blow up balloons to create animals that will help them on their journey!
  • Take roles in the introductory story (King fo the Land, a Wizard whose magical wand has a mind of its own, and the Troll - complete with balloon horns!)
  • Help him decipher the map to the hidden hanky
  • Guide him through the Danger Danger forest
  • - And many other tricks and surprises!

At the conclusion of Bertolt's adventure Bertolt can stay to offer balloon animals for his audience!

In Prince George, British Columbia (BC) –

Scooter the Clown

Photo coming soon, he is also a Magician! If you're looking for a Magician in Prince George, look no further! Don't delay - e-mail us today for quotes and availability!

In Montr�al Quebe�, Canada - featuring...

Clowns in MontrealTikiti The Clown
He is not only a Clown, but also a Guitarist! Have him provide very special entertainment (also in French/) for your next party!

He will make you laugh; he will make the kids giggle. As a professional with training, talent, and lots of experience, he is ready for any occasion - whether you are looking for a child-friendly Clown or an "off-the wall" fun Clown, Takiti is your answer!

Montreal balloonists, clowns and face painters

Nez Rouge
  • A 45 minutes show accompanied by music and sound effects
  • Ideal for schools, family events and festivals
  • The show is performed in French and English
  • Professional circus artists performing european style clowning as would be seen in any traditional circus
  • Can be presented as a fund raising insentive for schools or hospitals
  • The show runs at a fast tempo with no pauses and the clown gags are broken with two juggling acts, the first being a traditional act and the second, a modern feel with five glow balls being juggled in the dark.
  • The clowning routines have been created for both adults and children in mind. When the audience is mixed, the young lady is replaced by a white face.

Calgary balloonists, clowns and face painters

In the Niagra Falls area of Ontario, Canada

Soupy the Clown is one of the area's premiere children's performers. Soupy's performance includes music - songs and circle games; balloon sculptures: animals and hats;"hands-on magic" featuring the birthday child or a guest or his/her choice; truly wonderful face painting, and clown gags. Of course! He is best known for his characteristic laugh, keen sense of humour, and amazing patience.

In Calgary, Alberta, Canada –

Vncouver clowns face painters, and balloonistsLoone-Toon The Cown! Birthday parties are tailored to each audience. The birthday person will receive individual recognition and lots of attention to celebrate their special day. For those shy little people, Cuddles, a puppet and Loonie’s best friend, will often make his appearance. This is a wonderful way to gain a child’s interest in joining in the fun. To create a party with a difference - why not consider having your guests make their very own balloon sculpture, learn a magic trick or juggle?

Interactive stories for birthday parties are specifically written by Loonie. Children delight in being part of the story where they create the actions and sounds to bring the story alive

Phone us or e-mail us now for Loonie's availability for your event!

In Calgary, Alberta –

Edmonton clowns face painters, and balloonistsBuddy The Cown has performed thousands of shows across Canada, the USA, and overseas. Buddy has both trained and taught at clown and variety arts schools in the United States. He has been featured at more exhibitions than any clown in Canada, including 8 years in a row at the Calgary Stampede.

Let Buddy's experience work for you! When Buddy is not on the road he is available for birthdays, special events, and school shows in Calgary.

His skills also include juggling, unicycle & rope tricks!

e-mail us now for Buddy's availability for your event!

Also in Calgary, Alberta - Miss Loosie The Clown

Calgary clowns face painters, and balloonistsSee the many faces of Miss Loosie! She provides:

  • Face painting
  • Balloons
  • Magic
  • Juggling
  • Storytelling
  • Puppets
  • Old fashioned picnic games & races!

Phone us today for your event! She is guaranteed to make the kids smile!

In Calgary:
Clown annd balloons in CalgaryHamlet The Clown

Not only is he a ham - he is an extraordinary performer! He'll have your guests in stitches.

Calgary clown and face painterAs Hamlet the Clown he's enjoyed a fifteen year career as a professional entertainer. Of the myriad of festivals and special events he's participated in, highlights for him include: Expo ’'86, the Calgary Olympic Festival, the Edmonton Street Performers Festival the Calgary and Edmonton First Night Festivals, the Calgary International Children's Festival and the Calgary Winter Festival.

He has performed in Alberta Schools and has taught workshops in clowning, juggling, and acting.

e-mail us now for Hamlet's availability for your event!

We provide Clowns in all Provinces! Ask us about our Clowns in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island (PEI), and the other Maritimes (Labrador and Newfoundland, New Brunswick), and all the way out to the Yu

Clowns in Calgary

NOTE: due to a rash of last-minute cancelations, we require a non-refundible deposit.
We do not accept "promises": "We're good for it - we'll pay you after."
98.3%  do  cancel, since they had nothing to loose.  We are sorry to have to implement this with all entertainment.

Note about Corona effects on availability:
Our products or what we offer may change in availability. Corona has made many of our entertainers
stop performing, get day jobs, move away, and/or raise prices.
Our hearts go out to those who have died from the vaccine.
Again, deposits are not refundable - even if due to a Corona cancelation.

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