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Santa Claus in Edmonton and Calgary


Hula Dancers in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary

Hawaiian Hula Dancers and Belly Dancers!

Contact us for booking and availability.

Calgary hula dancers

Aloha - see our
Hawaiian Dancers...

Dancers in Edmonton and Calgary

See our Belly Dancers
(Family audiences only, please)

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We have 1, 2, or up to a 6-girl dance troupe for dancers or hula-gram:
Hula grams in EdmontonEdmonton hula dancers

Hawaiian Dancers in Edmonton

Tahitian Dancers in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto

Contact us for booking and availability.  Also see our:
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Our Dancers include:

  • Hawaiian (Hula)
  • Belly
  • NOTE: we do not (yet) perform Tahitian dance - only graceful Hulas.

    Pricing varies depending upon the length of show, and number of Performers ordered.  Contact us for booking and availability.

    The major difference between Tahitian and Hawaiian:
    Tahiti uses the large headdresses for formal 'ote'a style dancing. Tahitian 'aparima and other dance forms do not require the headdress and can look like Hawaiian Hula to the untrained eye. The traditions, approach to dancing, insturments used are also different.

  • Tahitian Dancers in Alberta

    Hawaiian/Hula Dancers
    in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Manitoba:

    From one dancer ...
    Edmonton hula dancers
    Calgary hula dancer
    to a few or many!
    Tahitian Dancers in Edmonton, Calgary Hula dancers in Edmonton and Calgary
    Hawaiian Dancers in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary

    Add Live acoustic (or amplified) Instrumentalists to any package:

    Ukulele players in Edmonton, Calgary   Hawaiian bands in Edmonton, Calgary

    Our Bands can be solo Ukulele, multiple Ukuleles, or full scale bands!

    Hawaiian Dancers in Edmonton, Calgary
    Now located in Manitoba, our real Hawaiian dancer - ready  for your next Hawaiian party!
    Edmonton hula dancers  Edmonton hula dancers

    Edmonton Hula Dancers

    Belly Dancers

    See our YouTube video demo!

    Belly Dancers:

    Belly Dancers in Edmonton and Calgary

    Bring the whole family for this true-to-life dancing by experienced veterans! ...

    Belly Dancer in Edmonton


    Winner: 1997 Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition.

    Belly Dancer in Calgary



    Belly Dancer in Edmonton, Vancouver, CalgaryInternationally acclaimed performer Estara has been dancing on stages since the age of 11. She has danced throughout the US, in London, Morocco, and Bali, on television, at festivals, for the royal family of Saudi Arabia, and at the World Festival of Sacred Music (initiated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama).

    "When I saw Estara dance and how she vibrated energy through her body giving it to the earth, I recognized her as a shaman/healer who through sacred dance is doing similar healing work as we do in our ceremonial circles in the rainforest of Equador. This is very important work for our planet in these times."
    – Anank Nunink - Tribal Leader & Shaman, Equadorian Shuar Culture/Tribe

    Dancers in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary

    Contact us for booking and availability.

    View our Prices for Dancers

    Dancers in Calgary, vancouver, Edmonton

    Hawaiian Dancers

    Contact us for booking and availability.

    Hula and belly Dancers

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