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MC Squared™

Alberta's premier Disc Jockey, Live Musician & Emcee.

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MC Squared!

MC Squared™ uses a white Tuxedo for announcements!

For those outdoor concerts, Canada Day, and Summer outdoor backyard parties and barbeques, this is the perfect package!
"MCSquared, PhD" - the Doctor of DJs! [below]
Edmonton DJ

See more photos of his sound system, and instruments. Now available:

Optima Hi-Definition projector and 2.5 meter (8') 16:9 widescreen (for your slide show). You may hook-up your laptop, or play your exported ("burned") disc on our DVD player. We use Professional DI boxes for audio into our system.


Karaoke! For those interested in his Karaoke song list, you may download & print it for your review.

Video & Photographer team! Using our Canon GL-2 videocameras and our Canon 40D digital EOS camera, we provide a grerat value to any DJ package!

View MC Squared's live music demos:

Wedding ceremony/reception video 

Wedding reception video (can include "Elvis"!)

His "wild & crazy" wedding reception and corporate party video! 

* Note: We can send these videos to you so you have higher resolution. e-mail us the request. All videos are Copyrighted.

View DJ Phil's "Personality" (no live music) demo.

Feel free to view his DJ equipment! Also view referrals from Customers!
If this package seems to "wild & crazy" for your event, consider the Solar Flare package.


  • $650 - a basic DJ - off-season price.   ("off-season" refers to January 1 - February 28 [exceluding Valentine's Day], and some dates in October, as well as most weekdays: Monday through Thursday. This is for a basic DJ [so live music])
  • $850 - a "normal" DJ - no frills, just great music and all necessary announcements.
  • $1,100 - a "personality" DJ, and he'll Emcee and "get 'em dancing". Includes "elegant lighting" package. You have full use of his wireless microphones!
  • $1,800 - an interactive DJ. (Above package, plus he'll do the Hokey-Pokey with the kids, the Chicken Dance and that sort of thing. For buffet dinners, he'll play "name that tune" or other fun ways to make table selections fun).
  • $3,700 - add live music while he DJs!! (our most popular package) This means the Sax-playing DJ, Canada's best! He'll also provide [appropriate] fun sound clips during announcements and introductions. He uses props (costumes he wears when the really crazy dancing gets going) when appropriate.
  • $200 - add Karaoke to any package - you'll have full use of my two $2,000 wireless microphones, complete with digital reverb & delay!
  • $6,000 - New Year's Eve price.
  • We also sell new microphones - starting at only $50!
    * Prices include unlimited use of our high-quality microphones, complimentary dinner music, and all necessary announcements. Let us know if your budget necessitates flexibility, as we do strive to meet budgets.
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Since 1986, MC Squared™ is the only DJ who plays live Sax, Flute, Guitar and Clarinet while he DJs, and the only DJ or musician (this is TRADEMARKED!) to breathe fire out of his Sax and smoke from his Guitar...

Yes, MC Squared - plays live Sax, Flute, Guitar and Clarinet while he DJs! From elegant dinner music to wild and crazy dancing, he plays it all ... and not just before he DJs or during a break - while the CDs are playing. It's like having a live band for the price of a DJ!

He plays along with Light Jazz, New Age and Blues during dinner and while people are mingling. Occasionally roaming from table to table. Then he can get wild and crazy to Rock, Techno and Dance while spinning on the dance floor, jumping into a split, sliding across the floor, or breathing fire out of his sax!

Then, you be the star! Be the envy of the party as you sing "karaoke" or lip sync to your favourite tune - with digital studio effects. With wireless microphones, you'll also be able to have complete freedom of movement!

Your friends will be talking about your party for months to come! At Party Central, we are able to provide the best entertainment - from playing live with the music - to having you be the center of attention. Any way you choose, the name of the game is fun!

MC Squared™ uses props, when needed, to enhance his show for the most entertaining show! At 176cm and 81kg, MC Squared fits the average build for most Stars he is impersonating. These impersonations include...

  • Michael Jackson
  • Mick Jagger
  • Punk Rocker
  • Roaring 20's
  • Scientist
  • 60's Hippie
  • Beatles
  • Beach Boys
  • *Optional visual effects include fog, various coloured smoke, and Fire Sax!
    Read some referrals from satisfied customers...

    Join the Media in saying...

    Phil on Canada Day, 2011
    Rag Magazine
    Mobile Beat

    ... the best value for the best price!

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    Here are more photos of MC Squared™ in action...
    ... yes – DJing while he sings, plays, and impersonates!

    Playing background music as the Guests are mingling in...

    Picking up the pace now...
    Playing in the audience, preparing for Dancing.

    <---- Watch the children enjoy dinner music
    with live Flute!

    Playing Sax with a David Sanborn song.

    Playing Stranger on the Shore on the Clarinet
    – note for note!

    Upon requests for Elvis,
    he warms up the audience for some Dancing.
    (note the LIP thang ... thanku vurymusch...)

    Uh, huh...
    <gettin' that LEG goin'...>

    The Heat is On!

    *Optional visual effects include fog,
    various coloured smoke, and Fire Sax!

    The "Rock & Roll" show!

    He now wears a black "AC/DC" shirt with sleeves cut off, and wears a blonde wig, or a long black wig. He also wears a neck stud, as well as the wrist studs shown here. He continues to wear the leather pants & boots.

    "Well, I'll TELL 'ya ... Pilgrim... wha-ha..."

    Laugh hysterically as he performs Rappin' Duke in his John Wayne voice - poking fun of Rappers & the American President.

    The Mad Scientist needs help
    with a Science experiment during
    She Blinded Me With Science.

    Doing the Chicken Dance with the audience.

    Notice the Mickey Mouse® Ears and the Disney® "I'm Goofy" shirt.

    "Elton John" performing Crocodile Rock. His jacket is now now the much-improved blue sequin (pictured here at a Kid-Festival).

    See MC Squared™ perform "Kung Fu Fighting".

    This is great with the kids, and the adults really get involved, as well!

    This is only one example of several where MC Squared™ is interactive with the audience. e-mail us for quotes and availability today!

    See MC Squared™ get energetic
    and play on the tables!

    "I'm a Soul Man!"

    See MC Squared™ impersonate the entire "Soul Man" song -
    complete with audience participation! ---->

    Picking out an unsuspecting patron
    is one of MC's best points!

    Are those REALLY your teeth?

    Cpmplete with accént!

    Say "Yeeeeeeee-haaaawwwww!!"

    while MC Squared plays some good 'ol foot-stompin' music. He'll even do some pickin' 'n' grinnin' with his git-tar!

    DJ, can I pleeeez play your Guitar?

    I'm - a - pickin' 'n' a grinnin'!

    He just plops his prop teeth in, quickly put on his vest & boots, and away he goes with his "Yee-haa" accént. Yeeeop!

    Hey Mate!

    This Bloak is looking for John, George and Ringo! He speaks complete with "UK Açcent"!

    Wedding DJ in Edmonton
    My equipment:

    My console.

    Mixes my 2 CD players, my Unix Laptop, and the live instrument sub-mixer. Each channel has EQ, and I can have 5 mics simultaneously.

    My Instruments. Guitar, Saxes, Flute & Clarinet.

    MC Squared™; - the Intelligent Choice. Wedding DJ in Edmonton, Sax-playing DJ
    DJ Phil

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