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Family entertainment serving Edmonton, St Paul, Calgary,
Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal ... and much more!

Santa Claus in Edmonton and Calgary

Elvis Presley

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Elvis impersonator in Edmonton

As heard live on CISN Country 103.9 FM,
our Elvises will take you through a true revue of Elvis!

Elvis, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary

In Calgary:
Elvis in Calgary Calgary Elvis

Phone us at 780-942-2793 or
e-mail us at

Elvis, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary

Edmonton Elvis and Sing-o-grams:
Edmonton Elvis

Featuring our Guitar-playing, sound-alike Elvis!

e-mail us - or phone 780-942-2793

"Thanku vurymusch..."
(Gittin' that LEG goin')

A typical "singing telegram" - with joking and comedy, songs include Blue Suede Shoes, a very comical Can't Help Falling in Love With You and then Hound Dog, closing with everyone singing Happy Birthday. For more involved shows (with sound system), we can provide that, as well - or go for the premium MC Squared" package for your next event!

See his video demos here: Full show | Singing telegram.
Mini version of the stage show here.Elvis in Edmonton

Our new, hot item this year: "Our "Szcitzo Elvis" - is a gay Elvis and normal Elvis - at the same time. It's hilarious for people expecting strip-o-grams or whom you want to "roast" or hugely embarrass. His "lisps" and closeness to the "roastee" will make him want to "loose his lunch" or the ladies "turn red". Ask us about our "Twisted Elvis" or choose the"drunk" Elvis. This is HILARIOUS for the fun-seekers. Think of "Foster Brooks" - without the "beer breath". We also provide: "Elvis on Ice" (the "skating Elvis"). We also provide skating Santa, skating/hockey Nerd.

Back to "serious" (grin): ask about our popular "Elvis & Marilyn" packages for Edmonton and Calgary! This is The Edmonton Elvis!

We also provide Elvis impersonators all across Canada!

Rates are generally from $150 [basic] to $500 [premium], depending on the date and time. With the "premium" Elvis, we customize the songs for your event, and it makes the telegram very comical. Everybody has a blast!

Price with sound system is typically $650 to $1,200 and is a 1 hour "Elvis concert". We provide full band stage shows from $1,900 to $5,000. e-mail us today for availability for your event! Or phone 780-942-2793. We also provide big-band, dance band, and country bands - even an Oldies band - for those "Patsy Cline" appreciators out there. We cater to Retirement homes and we respect sound volumes.

Edmonton ElvisDavid Aron, Aaron, Aarin, Elvis Rob Rushton, Elvis

Phone us at 780-942-2793 or
e-mail us at

Elvis, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary

Elvis in Montreal:

Montreal Elvis, Elvis in Quebec

Our Montreal area Elvis!

e-mail us - or phone 1-888-797-6729

A "singing telegram", or a full show - he does it all, and anythin in-between.

Bubble Lady us about your next event! Or phone 1-888-797-6729

Edmonton Elvis

See our other Impersonators!

We have Edmonton Impersonators! The Edmonton Elvis - Elvis Presley impersonator & singing telegrams.

Elvis Impersonator, Edmonton

Edmonton Elvis

Elvis in Alberta

Phone us at 780-942-2793 or
e-mail us at

Elvis in Calgary

See about our other impersonators!

Marilyn Monroe impersonator in Edmonton

We provide Marilyn and Elvis impersonnators in Edmonton and Calgary, AB - as well as in Montreal, QC and Vancouver, BC, and Toronto, ON!

Elvis impersonator edmonton, Elvis Edmonton, Elvis in Alberta, Alberta Elvis, Red Deer Elvis, Elvis in Red Deer, Gibbons Elvis, Elvis in Gibbons, Robert C Rushton, Robin Kelly, David Aron, Will Ridge, Lee Abraham, Robin Brown, Steve Elliott, Donnie James - and many more! Elvis in Alberta, Canada, St Albert Elvis, Elvis in St Albert, Canada, Sherwood Park Elvis, Elvis in Sherwood Park, Canada, Elvis Singing Telegram, Elvis Impersonator in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

Phone us at 780-942-2793 or
e-mail us at

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