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Are you an Entertainer? We'd love to hear from you! We are always open-minded about receiving new, good talent. Tell us about yourself. Upon your acceptance/approval, we will post you on our web site. First, however, see "how we operate" [just below]... - so we'll both understand and - if you agree - we'll add you to our roster!

Thanks for being interested!

Corona killed our business, but people still neet to eat.  If you want to be employed - your own hours - see our health supplements.

Contact us via: e-mail

How we operate:

Once we have you on our roster, when a potential Client contacts us, we phone Entertainers (you?) in that geographical area. We tell you the date, the time, and whatever they have told us (what they are looking for). If you are available, we ask YOU for 2 prices:

IMPORTANT: We want to know that - if we contact you for an event, and then later you receive an inquiry directly from the same event, that you will respect us first and not book them directly. WE respect other Agents in this way, and we want you to respect us likewise. Failure to conform will result in our removing you from our roster.

We then add our percentage on top of your preferred price (a meager amount - not like many/most Agencies, where they double or triple it), and submit that resulting amount to the Client. If they don't have the budget, we lower it gradually, and sometimes coming closer to the "minimum" is acceptable for the Client. We confirm this with you, and send a contract to the Client.

YOU ARE THEN CONFIRMED, the show is booked, and you receive your price, as agreed. You go as a Party Central Entertainer, handing out ONLY our cards. We never mention tipping, but if they ask us, we say "That's between you and the Entertainer, but don't feel compelled to tip." Most do tip, making your take even higher, whereas we still make our minimal. Here's what WE expect, and demand, in return:

We all have heard of the definition of "Professional": "One who is paid...". If this is the case, then every Street Entertainer and waitress on day 1 -  is a Professional. As you well know - not true. This is how WE define "Professional", and since we are paying you "Professional" rates, we EXPECT this in return:

(Please note - the following is written - not with anger, but ALL CAPS and bold. The ALL CAPS isn't "yelling", nor the bold meant to be authoritative - simply to accentuate its' meaning. We're nice folks, but as you can tell, we've had some bad experiences, and we are fixing it before we have that experience with entertainers again     :-)

If this all seems "too much", we invite you to go to another Agent (We are not an Agent - we are a Reseller) - there's plenty of them out there (see gigmasters, gigsalad, skipthedishes, etc). If you agree to all of this, we'd be delighted to talk with you! Or, read why we charge what we do... And a big THANK YOU to all the write-ins of agreement, and other Resellers and Agents who want to post this, as well. Take (copy) what you want - the content on this page is public domain - spread the knowledge as you will! :-)

Charges & our fees: For some strange reason, entertainers never think of our expenses - only theirs. They phone us on our toll-free # (costing us money), but they don't want to phone us direct (costing them money) - they want us to phone them (costing us money), and then they get upset when we make a profit. Do you see where this is going??

When we book an event, we have to pay taxes (even when the entertainers don't). We (per Law) pay GST and taxes to Revenue Canada, 5% for Agency fees, and 5% [PLUS a $4 per charge] credit card fee - not to mention our monthly $800-$1,200 toll-free phone bill, and advertising [the biggest part!] as well. A $50 "profit" makes us an actual profit of $12.

Remember, most Agents & Resellers double or triple the prices. In some cases we've seen it marked up 450%. We personally know <un-named electronics store> spends  .52 cents on a stereo needle, and sells it for $7.99. Most all gear in a typical retail store is DOUBLED in price; many things are tripled.

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