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Family entertainment serving Edmonton, Calgary,
Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg... and much more!

Santa Claus in Edmonton and Calgary

Impersonators and
Singing Telegrams

We provide Impersonators of all kinds - all over Canada!
For inquiries or booking, phone 780-942-2793, or
text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.

Nerd Elvis Marilyn Monroe
Mariachi Guy (or señorita) Dolly Parton Terminator
Absent-minded Professor
Anna Shania Twain Patsy Cline
Dumbledor Gandalf

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Jugglers | Elvis! | Balloonists | Comedians | Hula Dancers

We also perform Phone-O-Grams!

Impersonators, Edmonton

Mariachi guy or señora

Mexican Mariach telegram in Edmonton   Mexican Mariach gag in Edmonton

Perfect for birthday telegrams, anniversaries, or gags. He ("Juan") plays live Guitar and sings;
She ("Chica Contando") also sings and performs "La Donna e Mobile" from Verdi's "Rigoletto"!
A comical singing telegram that will have everyone in stitches!  ¡si, señor!

For Edmonton. Price higher for outlying areas.

"Juan" just performed for Connor McDavid's [a VERY nice guy!] birthday this past Jan 24, 2024. He gave "Juan" a hi-5!
Go Oilers!!

For inquiries or booking, phone 780-942-2793, or
text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.

Impersonators, Edmonton

Toronto area (GTA)

In Toronto area - sepcifically in Waterloo (Kitchener, Milton, Guelph, and Cambridge), we have a very funny (comedic) woman who performs:
Mary Poppins
Nerd (as "Erkle")
Elmo (very well!)
Opera Singer
Even Elvis!!
Terminator (girl version)
India girl
Cowgirl (Yosimite Samantha)
Ask us today for your comedic telegram requests!  Photos coming soon...

We can also serve Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, but travel rates will apply.

Impersonators, Edmonton

In Edmonton, AB:

Marilyn Monroe:
Marilyn Monroe in Edmonton, Singing telegram

"Diamonds Are A Girl's Best friend", "Happy Burthday, Mr . President" and much more!
Mariachi (Muchacho, Señora, or both)

Mexican Mariach gag in Edmonton
Patsy Cline or Dolly Parton:

Dolly Parton in Edmonton, Singing telegram

As mentioned above, Dolly will sing the "9-5" and other hits.

Starting at $250, going to $350
Marilyn Monroe in EDmonton
Performing for the Edmonton Firefighters

The Terminator:

Arnold Swarzenegger impersonator in Edmonton

Has the identical accent, and persona!

"You betta HIRE ME, girly-man. If you do NOT, I'll be back."  NOTE: we have a specialized "Valentines" act- good even for anniversaries. Very comical.

Starting at $250, gointg to $325
Elton John:

Elton John Singing Telegram in Edmonton

Starts at $350
Dolly Parton:

Dolly Parton impersonator in Edmonton, Singing telegram

Complete with Southern Belle accent,
she sings all the hits from
"Islands In The Stream" to "9 To 5"!

Starts at $250, goes to $350
Generic telegrams:

We also provide a generic (ordinary, fun-clothed) boy or girl (as you instruct) to sing "Happy Birthday" for a basic cost - usually $100 to $150. Balloons or flowers costs extra. If you provide them, it's easier (and less expensive) for you     :-)

For inquiries or booking, text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.
Indiana Jones:

Indiana Jones Singing Telegram in Edmonton

Starts at $250, goes to $350
John Wayne:

John Wayne Singing Telegram in Edmonton

Starts at $275
Absent-minded Professor/  MD Doctor
With lab coat, comb-over hair, and thick glasses

Prefessor, scientist

For  the best in laughs, our lab coat guy is "Nonstein". (a play on "Einstein")

Nerd Gram in Edmonton, Singing telegram
Skating Elvis / Santa / Mariachi guy

We have a very good hockey skater - who does our Santas, Elvis, and Mariachi musician - and can be an ice (or "roller blade") skater for your event.

Rates vary, so ask us today!
Although several of our products offend many: the absent-minded professor, Nerd, beetlejuice, Hula girl...  Last year, someone was offended by Christmas Carolers - "they were singing songs about Christmas!!"   Oh, how HORRIBLE.
In Ontario, Josh said "There are only 2 genders", and was arrested.  The PC Police killed comedy, and now they can't find anybody willing to do a show for them.  Gee - I wonder why!

For anyone offended, please see our disclaimer below...  and remember:   You have offended many - we guarantee it.   :-)

We have removed our "Trans" impersonators - please let this explain with comedy:

My son likes playing "Pirate" so I gave him surgery: a peg leg, removed his eye (for an eye patch) , had several teeth pulled and had 2 black rotten teeth put in, and we had his hand removed - for the "hook".  Maybe when he watches enough Rap - he'll relate as a "homey", and get full tattoos, a few bullet holes, and hold his groin.  OH - and have his skin blackened, too.   He had blue eyes, so we need full eyeball tattoos to make them black.  If he relates to Ray Charles, we'll have to make him blind.

For inquiries or booking, phone 780-942-2793, or
text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.

Elsa, Anna, Edmonton In Vancouver: Elsa & Anna, also Hawaiian Hula dancer:

For an excellent addition to any birthday party, choose our Elsa and/or Anna package!

In Edmonton:
We also perform Dorothy (from Wizard of Oz),   Nerd, Marilyn Monroe.
Starting at $175 and going to $350

e-Mail us for pricing and availability for singing telegrams in Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Calgary.
Hula Hawaiian dancer, Edmonton
Dumbledor, Edmonton Dumbledor or Gandalf.

Starting at $300, goes to $400

For inquiries or booking, text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.
Gandalf, Edmonton

Impersonators, Edmonton

In Calgary, AB:

Elvis Presley:
Elvis Presley in Calgary, Singing telegram

Starts at $300
Marilyn Monroe:
Marilyn Monroe in Calgary, Singing telegram

Starts at $800, but we have non-lookalikes starting at $300.

Shania Twain:
Shania Twain Impersonator in Calgary

Starts at $950, but we have non-lookalikes starting at $400.

We also can provide:
  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Austin Powers
  • the Mad Hatter
  • Ironman
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Gorilla
  • Zombie
  • Nerd
  • Mobster/Hitman
e-Mail us for prices!
The Grinch:
Grinch in Calgary
Generic telegrams:

We also provide a generic (ordinary, fun-clothed) boy or girl (as available) to sing "Happy Birthday" for a basic cost - usually $75 to $125.

Same-day bookings welcome!

Sing o gram, Calgary
Hula girl:
Hula girl in Calgary

Impersonators, Edmonton

In Vancouver:

For singing telegrams in Vancouver, we have Marilyn monroe, Shania Twain, Madonna and more. We also have Marilyn Monroe Singing Telegram and Impersonator in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Ottawa. And don't forget: Santa Claus (and Mrs Claus. Elves, too!)

Across Canada:
Marilyn Monroe Singing Telegram and Impersonator in Edmonton Hula girl Singing Telegram Beetlejuice Impersonator in Edmonton

Madonna Singing Telegram Shaniah Twain Singing Telegram and Impersonator Marilyn Monroe gram

For inquiries or booking, phone 780-942-2793, or
text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.

In Edmonton, we provide*:
We also have many "phone-o-grams" - including Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, Terminator, Jive Turkey, Middle-Eastern man (before you get "out of sorts" about the PC, this is done by a man originally from Pakistan. We good now?), Elvis, Southern bumpkin (performed by a real Southern guy, but the PC folks don't seem to care if you mock caucasians), Mariachi guy, Tarzan - and many more.

In Toronto: In Vancouver:
In Kelona, BC (and Kamloops, Vernon, Pendicton):

For inquiries or booking, phone 780-942-2793, or
text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.

Impersonators, Edmonton

We also have hilarious phone-o-grams (for any city!):

Pull a gag on a colleague or family member with our hilarious phone-o-grams! Prices start* at just $45. If we don't have one of your preferred gags listed, phone us - we'll put you through to our Impersonators, and you can "audition" them - maybe they *can* do your preferred Celebrity well enough for your liking.

* Prices can go up to $100.

For anyone offended, please see our disclaimer below...

Impersonator in Edmonton

In Toronto, Ontario:

Avril Lavigne Impersonator
Avril Lavigne

Shaniah Twain Impersonator
Shaniah Twain
Christine Aguilera Impersonator
Christine Aguilera
Jimmi Hendrix impersonator
Jimmi Hendrix

Calgary singing telegram

And many, many more - all across Canada.

Edmonton Singing Telegrams

For inquiries or booking, phone 780-942-2793, or
text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.

We are available for video grams during Corona.  We use Whereby - at
See their "much better than zoom" privacy policy here:
We have joined the Zoom boycott (they [like with Google] own all video you exchange, and can [and will] use it against you in court.)
Uh ... NO.  Join the "Freedom  fighters" and go with the alternatives - usually far better!

Once you sign-in, your personal meeting room is set-up,  where you can host up to 100 participants.
In the free plan (which we have), you have access to unlimited one-on-one meetings and 45-minute group meetings. (Our telegrams only take a few minutes)

-  -  -  -  -  -  -

NOTE: for those who think the prices "are more than a Lawyer makes!!" [we have heard this many times], remember:
Rappers average $33,000 PER MINUTE.  They destroy society. Compared to them, we are far far less $$, and we are a positive influence.   :-)

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Calgary singing telegram


For those easily offended or think we are offending a group of people, remember: we have the freedom of expression and speech.  If you do not appreciate the humour we perform, we recommend you go here.  Also, why is nobody hating a "Nerd" or "Elvis"?

For those who say "Those aren't exact look-a-likes!" - you are right. "Lookalikes" all go to Vegas - making $7,000 to $12,000 per night.
Ours here are "act-a-/likes". Although you will know who they are impersonating, they are not going to be exact. Those locally who ARE close - charge 1,500 and up.
Thank you for understanding :-)

For the occasional "You can't wear a sombrero - you aren't Mexican!!", here is a post from a friend - who gave us a sombrero while living in Mexico:

As a MEXICAN who lives in HUIXQUILUCAN, ESTADO DE MEXICO, please keep wearing sombreros and Mexican outfits, it makes us feel that you appreciate our culture and that we are doing a good thing by sharing it with the rest of the world. And if [non Mexicans] have to stop wearintg our attire, then we have to stop wearing cowboy hats and boots. Mexico es chingon"

As a Japanese person I have no issue with anyone else wearing Kimono or following tradition Japanese themes. You have no right to be offended for me!

As a Hispanic, I can definitely say that we find it fun when people appropriate our cultural because we are VERY PROUD of it and love sharing it.

Imagine feeling so righteous and smug that you speak offence on behalf of a culture you don’t even belong to

Imagine being offended by a cultural outfit , yet you go down the street to buy Mexican food. If we play by the Left's rules, then mexican food - if you are not mexican - would be illegal.

It's not a stereotype to wear a culture's clothing. It's literally a historically documented cultural garment. And wearing it is not in itself a disrespectful act. If anything, it's helping to keep a tradition alive and promote it. That seems quite respectful to me.

My favourite:
If wearing an outfit that you do not belong [to the culture], then that means a SANTA SUIT is illegal! Nobody IS Santa, so NOBODY can wear the suit. How ridiculous will we get??  The real problem is when someone (Trudeau) says nobedy else can wear it, but HE does (Native, black face, India, etc).  Hypocrisy is the evil here, not wearing a suit.

NOTE: due to a rash of last-minute cancelations over Corona, we require a non-refundable deposit.
We do not accept "promises": "We're good for it - we'll pay you after."
98.3%  do  cancel, since they had nothing to loose, and somebody slips and spoils the surprise.  We are sorry to have to implement this with all entertainment.

Note about Corona effects on availability:
Our products or what we offer may change in availability. Corona has made many of our entertainers
stop performing, get day jobs, move away, and/or raise prices.
Our hearts go out to those who have died from the vaccine.

Again, deposits are not refundable - even if due to a Corona cancelation - as stated on our terms of use.

Speaking of Corona (or the popoular acronym: COronaVIrusDisease), as mentioned above, our characters cannot perform with masks on.  If we are allowed to perform "normally", we will perform; otherwise, we will not perform, but once we arrive, we must be paid in full - even if we are stricken from performing for any reason.   Many of our Entertainers are not vacinnated - by choice. Again, if this is a requirement for your organization, we will decline the event.   Also, see our seasonal characters and impersonators...