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Santa Claus in Edmonton and Calgary

Photo Booths and
Photo retouching

Photo booths - for weddings, corporate parties, graduations, or "just because"!

We provide photo booths in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary.
For inquiries or booking, phone 780-942-2793, or
text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.

Book your birthday, wedding, corporate or graduation photo booth now!

Edmonton Photo booth Photo booth in Edmonton, with laser prints

In Edmonton:

Photo booths far any occasion! We provide props and backdrops, and of course - a colour print. Our photo layouts are printed instantly on-the-spot. Choose prints with either 1, 2, 3 or 4-shot photo layouts! We use a Canon 40D camera and a Hiti P510S dye-sublimation printer. Photo booth with QR CodeWe also provide the choice of colour laser printer. For paper size, the dye-sub prints A6 (postcard: 150 x 100 mm). If your location has WiFi, we can e-mail each photo in real-time!  If you do not have WiFi, the e-mailed photos will be received by next day. OR - we have QR Code* so they  can put their phone to our screen and electronically obtain the photo(s) right away - and see all of your event photos - to share in  the fun!!

Starting at $350 for 2 hours**, we also provide a "basic" package of no backdrop, no props (popular for ethnic events and weddings), and electronic files only (no prints), it starts at only $175 per hour!  (minimum 2 hours = $350)

* matrix barcode ("QR code") first designed in 1994 by the automotive industry in Japan.
** weekdays.

For inquiries or booking, phone 780-942-2793, or
text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.

Although we strongly suggest a "2-up" or "3-up", here are samples of our other options:

Calgary Photo booth

Sampes and actual prints from events:


Photo booth in Edmonton, with dye-sublimation prints

Edmonton Photo booth, with dye-sublimation prints


Wedding/birthday/personal example:
Photo booth in Edmonton, with laser prints

Corporate example:
Edmonton Photo booth, with laser prints


Photo booth in Edmonton, with laser prints  Photo booth in Edmonton, with laser prints

Photo booth Edmonton



Edmonton Photo booth

Corporate / personal:
Toronto Photo booth


Photo booth in Toronto

Photo booth in Calgary


photo booth calgary

Calgary photo booth

Our "up to 2-hour" packages
(with backdrops and props) are:
(Prices subject to change circa constant Corona closures/reopenings.
Also, areas served may be open - or not open. Mandates change too frequently to keep updated here.)

$375 No prints.
(commonly referred to as "digital only".)
Photos are e-mailed to each patron right on site, you may provide a USB stick at the end of the night, but we will also send you a web link of all photos.
$525 Professional dye sublimation prints: postcard-sized ( (100 x 150 mm).
(also called "dye-diffusion" - see here.)
Better than postcard quality*! And far better than the popular "Selphy" printers so common in photo booths. This is a $1,400 printer! Also, photos can be e-mailed to each patron immediately on site, you may provide a USB stick at the end of the night, but we will also send you a web link of all photos.

Dye-sublimation printers use CMYO (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Overcoating) colours. Lasers use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) toner.

Our popular 3-hour package:
$450 No prints. ("digital only")
$625 Dye sublimation prints.

$600 No prints.
$825 Dye sublimation prints.

$750 No prints.
$1,100 Dye sublimation prints.

* NOTE: Although our most requested is "4-up", please realize: everyone wants a 4-up.... well - they think they do  <grin>. But for *every* print, they have to pose 4 times ... and they quickly grow weary of it. That's why we suggest a 2 or 3-up. The photos print larger, and there is less posing.   :-)

We used to send photos of the booth set-up, but what happens here is: every person has a different taste in the backdrop.  We'll send gold and people will not like it - they'll want white. (or vice-ersa) .... or they won't like the umbrellas to the side.  In actuality, the position of the lighting varies with the room, and we have to adjust the lighting at every event - that's why we arrive early.  Also, with different skin tones, the backdrop matters.  In the end, the booth looks the same (white table cloth, white laptop, white [dye-sub] printer; black tripod, camera, and umbrellas), - and the prints are great!

Budget photo booths

Photo Retouching / editing

We also offer professional photo retouching - for those needing enhancements/editing performed on your digital image.  One of our Employees - formerly with Safeway Corporate Graphics, AMP Printing, and Chapman Graphics (as in Chapman Cranes and Dollies) - will work magic on your portrait.

e-mail us about your image editing needs!

Budget photo booths

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Photo booths for a budget

For inquiries or booking, phone 780-942-2793, or
text 587-794-1223, or e-mail us.

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