Pyro Sax - the fire-breathingt Sax player. Join the multitude who visit...

PYRO SAX™ Pyro Sax Since 1984

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Pyrotechnic Saxophone

Don't worry - I practice "Safe Sax"

Live music Sax playerYou have found the site with the DJ who plays live Sax , Flute, Guitar and Clarinet while he mixes, and the only Man alive with the Fire Sax™!

Since 1982, he's been playing live as he spun vinyl. Now, he beat-mixes CDs while he plays and performs his elegant and high-energy shows (in Canada only).

High-energy is optional. First, you want your event to be elegant. When the dancing starts and your party gets wild and crazy, give Pyro the "go-ahead", and he'll liven up your party. First, request "Macarena" or other group participation fun songs. Then wear our "Y.M.C.A." hats - singing at the top of your lungs. If you desire, Pyro will light the after-burners with 1 to 2 meter flames on "Great Balls of Fire" and "Hot Hot Hot", as you follow in a "conga line"!

Wedding DJ in Edmonton

MC Squared, PyroSax, Pyro Sax, Fire Sax
are Trademarks of Phil Chapman, 1986-2020.

Your event will be elegant and as fun as you want it to be.

For pricing, see price page, or phone me at (780) 942-2793.

"MC Squared™ - The intelligent choice"
Edmonton Wedding DJ
Pyrotechnic Sax
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DJ in Edmonton
Fire Sax
Live music Pyro Sax Fire Saxophone Pyro Saxophone

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For booking (in Canada), phone 780-942-2793

Fire-breathing Sax player

Pyro Sax and  MC Squared are Trademarks of Phil Chapman, since 1984.

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